B L A C K & W H I T E B L U S H L U S T R O U S G R E E N W A R M N E U T R A L D A R K B L U E
I've had many loves in my life.  
Rarely does one love enter without finding a place permanently in my heart.  My husband, Peter, my two children, James and Hannah, family, close friends, home and sweet golden retriever, Bethany, top the list of things that make my heart go pitty pat.  Right on their heels follow art, creativity, travel, storytelling, connectedness, tradition, human complexity and the very concept of love itself.  It's no small wonder I've made Wedding and Portrait Photography such an important part of my life.  This work has been making me happy for a decade.
I studied Drawing & Painting in college following exploratory years in Behavioral Science and Architecture.  All of these pieces of my education work together on the regular to inform what I currectly call my profession.  Considering my thirst for varied fields of study and concepts, it seems a small miracle that I've remained invested in this job for so long.  I think that's because I've found something complex and surprising enough in nature to hold my interest in these varied areas.  In fact, it REQUIRES that interest and what has now become my expertise.  
I truly love what I do day in and day out.  I love my clients, the talented and wonderful people that bring an event together, the friends and family and guests, the people that let me into their lives long enough to tell a story, the design, the art, the beauty and unpredictable nature of anything I document.  Each scenario is unique and special to me.  
People matter.  Tradition and celebrations matter.  Family matters.  Art matters.  Documenting matters.
So do you.  I'd love to tell your story.  Let's get to know each other.  

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